Branka Uzur



Branka Uzur was born in Zagreb to father Mirko and mother Dragica, in a family with two children (she had a younger brother Dobrica). She finished her primary and secondary education in Zagreb.


She graduated from School of Applied Arts (art-oriented high school in Zagreb,, specializing in Ceramics-Glass under guidance of Prof. Ivan Švertasek.

She subsequently enrolled in School of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, She participated in many exhibits in Zagreb and Belgrade during her studies and graduated from Department for Ceramics and Glass.


Branka returned to Zagreb upon graduation, and continued to intensively exhibit her work. The same year she joined organizations HDLU (, Croatian Association of Artists), ULUPUH ( and ZUH a year later.


A joint exhibition with Bojana Švertasek in Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb (


She got a stipend from Ministry of Education and Culture for 7-month-long studies in Helsinki, Finland.

She was invited to International Symposium on Ceramics where she presented on modern Croatian ceramics and ceramics sculpture.

Upon return to Zagreb, she actively exhibited and won an Award from Young Communist League of Yugoslavia (


A solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture in Gallery Nova, Zagreb (


A solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture in Gallery Galženica, Velika Gorica ( She received an official recognition at the first World Triennial Exhibition of Small Ceramics in Zagreb.


A solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture in Gallery Forum studio in Zagreb (


A solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture in Gallery of Modern Art studio in Zagreb (

She was selected as a Project Manager for Handicraft Promotion in Nicosia, Cyprus within United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She moved to Nicosia where she stayed for 4 years leading dual Turkish and Greek community program for handicraft promotion.


A solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture in Gallery Gloria.


A solo exhibition of table sculpture in Fournoi Gallery in Nicosia.


She organized an exhibition of useful ceramics for local tourist market with local ceramists from both Turkish and Greek community in Gallery Fournoi in Nicosia. She also presented many seminars and lectures on ceramics and design in both communities.


She successfully finished the UNDP project and moved to Sydney, Australia. She was invited to participate in International Ceramic Conference and Exhibition in World Centre, Melbourne, Australia the same year to present on modern Croatian ceramics and sculpture, as well on the connection between the Cyprian folklore ceramics and Mediterranean cooking.

She further became a collaborator in International Conservation Services in Sydney. She led Department for Restoration and Conservation of Antique Ceramics and Glass. She was also a consultant and lead on a part of the renovation project in Jewish Museum, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

1994 – 1998

Branka organized and leads a workshop for restoration and conservation of antique ceramics and glass. She also organizes and participates in related seminars in regional galleries and museums in New South Wales and in Australian Museum in Sydney.

She had solo ceramics sculpture exhibitions in 1994 and 1995 in Ceramics Art Gallery in Paddington, Sydney.


She married Australian John Anthony Levingston, a maritime lawyer.

She exhibited ceramic sculpture at Sydney Mayer Found International Ceramic Award, Sheparton. She further exhibited new paintins in Libby Edwards Gallery, South Yarra, Melbourne and Libby Edwards Gallery in Woollahra, Sydney (


She exhibited in Robin Gibbson Gallery, Liverpool Street, Portia Geach, Darlinghurst, Sydney.


She exhibited portraits in one of the most relevant collective exhibitions “Archibald Prize” in Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.


She again exhibits portraits in “Archibald Prize” in Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.


She exhibited paintings in Brian Moore Gallery, Paddington, Sydney, as well as portraits in “Archibald Prize”, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.


She exhibited drawings in Brian Moore Gallery Paddington, Sydney.


She exhibited paintings and drawings in Über Gallery in Melbourne.


She divorced John Anthony Levingston.

She had a solo drawing exhibit in United Galleries, East Sydney and in the same gallery later has a solo exhibit of drawings and paintings titled “Essence”.

She again exhibited portaits in group exhibition “Archibald Prize, in Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.


She spent the summer of 2008 in Croatia where she participated in Mediscape in Novigrad. Later she had a joint exhibition with Ksenija Mogin in Gallery Gal in Volosko, Opatija.


She gave a talk “Painted Art, The Art of Decoration” at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.


She exhibited a collection of drawings in Gallery Lapidarij in Omišalj, Croatia.


After a long and difficult fight with disease, she died in Opatija, Croatia, aged 59.

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